Simasko Financial

Simasko Financial

Simasko Financial, LLC was formed to meet the needs of Simasko Law clients. We can now take protection to the next level by providing the ultimate goals of both legally and financially protecting someone's hard earned assets so they can eliminate the worry of "outliving" their money and have something to pass on to family. The best family trust legal documents are of no use if they are not funded properly and the necessary action taken to preserve their wealth. Simasko Financial allows Patrick and James to work with clients both as Attorneys and Wealth Preservation Planners. As Wealth Preservation Planners, they can develop an individual strategy for each client who can no longer sustain the risk of a financial loss or even the scare of potential losses and must protect their remaining life savings before it's too late. Patrick and James are referred to by many as the "deans" of elder law.

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We have a wealth of experience in the financial services industry.

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